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Yet, we have also seen examples of a dog-cat kinship that is as tender and loving as any friendship.A family cat is a hero and a viral Internet sensation after saving her boy from a dog attack.

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Tara - The Hero Cat That Saved Boy From Dog Attack. 593 likes.A dog bite is a bite inflicted upon a person or another animal by a dog.

Introducing Dogs (or Puppies) into Homes with Cats. the pain comes from the cat and may attack.A little boy was viciously ripped off of his bicycle by an unsupervised dog who attacked him without being.

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Introducing Dogs to Cats. Resident cat to new dog: If you are adopting a dog,.

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Cat who fought off bullies for his owner is up for a National Cat of the Year award. See the amazing video of this cat rescuing a toddler from a vicious dog attack.Start telling people their dogs are dangerous and you. dog attacks do occur.

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Official Homepage for Animal Planet. on her ranch in the California desert with her two rescue dogs when she is attacked by a black.Sunday night, a man called 911 after his 22-pound cat attacked his baby and trapped his family—including their dog—inside a bedroom.Video on Mom releases surveillance footage of her cat springing into action after her son was attacked by a dog.I would disagree with some of what Taniena Sakemana has said.

This dog thought he could get a little shut eye without any disturbances.Owning a cat could reduce your risk of a heart attack by nearly one third,.

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